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A tribute to French creation

A tribute to French creation

May 2019

Ducasse sur Seine brings together the best of French crafts and creation. The culinary art, of course, but other traditional savoir-faire are also represented, to assert a real cultural dimension. Thus, when boarding the boat, visitors walk along magnificent glass windows.

One window offers a tribute to the first ten Parisian couturiers who have left their mark on French fashion history. Inspired by an 18th century custom, the designer Maurizio Galante displayed miniature models of dresses from famous haute couture creators like Rose Bertin, Paul Poiret or Jean Patou.

The second window depicts the ancient work from French artisans and how they mastered a complex savoir-faire. Thanks to the collectionneur Isabelle Maleval, one can appreciate what a cherry pitter looked like in the 1900s or a millinery irom from the 19th century.